Mr Scrappy Wireless Control Switch Latest Model


Wireless Control Switch Latest Model


Allows you to remotely operate your Wastemaid Waste Disposal Unit without the need to drill any holes in your worktop, installed in minutes

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Mr Scrappy Wireless Control Switch Latest Model

With Waste Maid Elite Disposers & Accessories you can cut down on your kitchen chores.

Mr Scrappy Wireless Control Switch is an excellent and useful edition to the range:

Easy to install, installed in minutes.

Waste Disposal Machine Wireless Control Switch

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A low cost remote control switch which consists of a transceiver and remote button. The remote button requires a 12v battery (A23), when pressed it sends a wireless signal to the switch that is placed into power socket under the sink, switching the disposers power on. Press again a second time to turn off.

The wireless control switch can also be used with: Air conditioners, Fans, Stereo systems, Lamps and other small appliances which can all be controlled from across a room or in another room of the house.

  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • No mess installation, no drilling holes through sink or countertop
  • Operated remotely, or manually at receiver
  • Use remote easily where no switch is available
  • Transmits easily through walls from other rooms
  • Can replace poorly located disposer switches
  • The transmitter can be easily hidden from view or out of the reach of children.
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