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Installing a Waste disposal unit can contribute to a more eco-friendly and efficient kitchen. A quality food waste disposer like Waste Maid is perfect for households wanting to ensure their waste disposal process is more sustainable and effective. This comprehensive guide on Wastemaid sink disposers sheds light on Waste Maid’s features and characteristics that make it a popular choice for waste management.

A Waste Maid Guide on Sink Disposers

A waste disposal unit, also known as a food waste disposer, works by shredding food waste into tiny particles to easily pass through your plumbing system. Waste Maid is designed with a grind chamber and various grind components that help break the food waste into smaller particles. The Waste Maid Elite series offer different models, varying in size, power and noise level to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Waste Maid’s waste disposal units are designed to make your kitchen’s food waste management more hygienic, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Waste Maid Next Day Delivery Elite Disposal

Discover the superior performance of Wastemaid waste disposal units, a revolutionary addition to modern kitchens. With an extensive selection of Wastemaid Elite models, you are provided with reliable solutions to manage food waste efficiently. These units, highly praised in numerous customer reviews, are ingeniously designed with grind chambers that effortlessly break down food waste.


Uniquely tailored for residential kitchens, Wastemaid units simplify the task of food waste disposal. Installed under your sink and requiring water from kitchen taps for operation, these units are not intended for commercial use or installation in bathrooms.


Each purchase comes with more than just a state-of-the-art waste disposal unit. We guarantee your Wastemaid disposer is equipped with a quick mount fitting kit to streamline installation. These disposal units are specifically engineered to fit sinks with a 90mm diameter hole, assuring an ideal fit.

Our Wastemaid Elite models are highly sought-after due to their exceptional durability and robust performance. These models, equipped with a 1-3 year warranty, offer a sound investment, providing you with assured peace of mind. Notably, our Wastemaid Elite models are designed for simplicity and efficiency, enabling you to manage your food waste disposal tasks smoothly and effectively.

Shopping with us is a breeze. Simply add your chosen Wastemaid model to your basket and proceed to checkout. Although we do not offer a click-and-collect service, we ensure prompt dispatch of your order with our next-day delivery, getting your waste disposal unit to you without delay.

Our dedicated customer service team is on standby, ready to assist with any queries. Prior to finalising your purchase, be sure to view the information on socket compatibility to ensure a seamless installation process.

Enhance your kitchen experience today with a Wastemaid waste disposal unit. With the capacity to manage waste directly from your plates, our Wastemaid Elite models promise to make your kitchen chores hassle-free. Experience the ease and cleanliness that a Wastemaid unit can bring to your kitchen.

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Wastemaid troubleshooting FAQ


Wastemaid does not have a Wastemaid app, all the information you need is on our website.

If you need Wastemaid spares and find what you need on our website send us an email.

Wastemaid 1680 is the most popular waste disposal unit for average kitchens.

Wastemaid reviews are all good as the machines are high quality and all of them are made from stainless steel some competitors use plated steel which can corrode.

Our Wastemaid Shop is open online 24 hours a day if you need to buy a waste disposal unit.

Wastemaid 358 is a discontinued model but we still have some for sale if you need one.

Wastemaid Elite 1580 is the lowest cost disposer and the smallest which will fit tight spaces.

The Wastemaid Splash Guard over a long period of time will need to be replaced we have them for sale on our website.


 by Roy McLeod on Wastemaid Waste Disposal Units
Wastemaid Waste Disposal Unit

Excellent service. Ordered wrong unit online, contacted Rachel who cancelled the order and re-funded payment immediately. Ordered the correct unit and it was delivered next working day.

Hi Roy, Thank you so much for your kind review, it was a pleasure to deal with you.Kind Regards Rachel 🙂

 by D Hayward on Wastemaid Waste Disposal Units
Excellent service

Ordered on Sunday afternoon installed Wednesday afternoon.
Had to request information on order on Tuesday as I had heard nothing by email. Had a prompt reply and even pro per delivery.
Well done but an email confirmation would have helped.

Thanks for your kind review Mr Hayward, I have checked and we did not receive a request for information on your order from you on Tuesday? As you ordered on Sunday 21st of Feb the next dispatch day was Monday 22nd. This is the day your unit was dispatched. We mark the order as complete as soon as the dispatch is made, as it is being sent to you directly from the manufacturer. At the checkout when ordering it says: Signed For 1-3 days, not including weekends & bank holidays (most of the deliveries are received next day), this is then confirmed again on your order confirmation which was emailed to you once your order was completed. So you have a notification of when to expect your delivery which has to be signed for. I am so pleased it is now installed and you are happy with your machine. Kind Regards Rachel Wastemaid-waste-disposal-unit.co.uk

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