WasteMaid Reviews

Wastemaid Waste Disposal Unit Reviews

The WasteMaid Elite fares favourably in any waste disposal unit review. This is a compact, modern unit that is lightweight and long-lasting. We feel it’s one of the best of its type available on the market today.

WasteMaid Waste Disposal Unit Reviews

Any review of available Waste Disposal Units typically involves a trade-off between price and efficiency. It’s generally been the case that a high price delivers a unit that lasts longer and offers better performance. But the WasteMaid Elite uses modern technology to bridge the gap between the high price of the old high quality models and the cheaper lightweight solutions that typically don’t perform as well. Using innovative technology, the WasteMaid offers a grinding system that performs extremely well considering the competitive price. It’s also a long-lasting system, offering you a longer life service compared to similar lightweight models on the market. This new technology also helps prevent and eliminate jams – something that cheaper, more lightweight models traditionally have tended to fare badly at doing.

Wastemaid Hygiene Features

The WasteMaid offers several hygiene features. It boasts Bio-Shield antimicrobial product protection, which helps cut down on the bacteria which build up to cause smells in your system. This unique antimicrobial agent is implanted into all the “wet” parts of the disposer to help eliminate the bacteria which are the cause of bad odours in the kitchen area. By inhibiting microbial growth, it also promotes hygiene even when not in use for a period of time. The component parts are also corrosion-resistant to offer a longer life.

Easy To Install

Like all the models Anaheim Ltd offers, the WasteMaid Elite is easy to install and comes with the Speed Master mounting solution. We feel this is one of the best waste disposal units available to you at the present time and makes an excellent choice in any kitchen. In any waste disposal unit review, it will perform alongside more expensive competitors and come out ahead because the technology it offers is cutting edge in the marketplace today.

Cutting Edge Technology 

WasteMaid Disposal Unit are committed to providing the UK market with cutting edge waste disposal unit technology and offering the after-sales and support service that customers expect and deserve. We offer a comprehensive range of waste disposal solutions to suit every customer, every kitchen and every budget. Give us a call today to find out how we can supply a waste disposal unit that will serve your needs at a competitive price.

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