WasteMaid Waste Disposal Unit online shop launches new website

The WasteMade Waste Disposal Unit has launched its new online website, making it easier than ever before for customers to buy their range of waste disposal units.

A company spokesman said, “We are very pleased with the layout and format of our new website as we believe that customers will be able to see clearly the various models of waste disposal units that we stock, and be able to compare those models to decide which suits their needs most closely.”

The website, WasteMaid Waste Disposal Unit highlights the benefits of owning a Wastemaid Waste Disposal Unit.

Compact, safe, environmentally friendly.

A waste disposal unit fits beneath a kitchen sink and is designed to quickly, efficiently and hygienically dispose of food waste. In these times of council cutbacks and less frequent bin collections, many people are turning to waste disposal units to cut down on the waste they put in their bins, which can start to smell and attract flies and vermin if left. The use of waste disposal units to flush away organic waste is also better for the environment in that it reduces the amount of waste emptied into landfill sites.

Modern waste disposal units are safe to use as they employ centrifugal force to push food and waste products down and outwards onto grinders that efficiently break down the waste. Water is then pumped through the chamber to flush the waste into the wastewater pipe.

Choosing a model

The WasteMaid Waste Disposal Unit shop stocks WasteMaid units, which are renowned for being lightweight, safe and compact. The new website clearly sets out which models of WasteMaid disposal units are most suitable for households based on the number of people who live in the house, from the ‘light use’ of one or two people to the ‘heavy duty use’ of a large family.

The spokesman announcing the website’s launch added, “Many of our clients have owned waste disposal units before and are simply looking to replace their old one – but since these units can last up to 15 years or more, many clients are unclear about which of the newer models will best suit their needs. Other clients are brand new to the idea of waste disposal units and we have found from their questions that there was a need for some basic, helpful and practical information about what each model offers – such as motor size and dimensions – that will help our clients to choose the right unit for their kitchens.”

The site features an easy ‘search’ feature and items including waste disposal units and accessories can be quickly and easily selected and added to your basket.

Their ‘waste disposal buying guide’ contains all the information you might need to make an informed decision about which unit is right for you. It will tell you the difference between permanent magnet motors and induction motors, and between batch feed and continuous feed models – as well as what motor speeds will cope with what type of waste.

The website launch hopes to attract customers who have never previously owned a waste disposal unit and those who are looking to replace their existing unit.

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