Food Waste Disposal Units and the Environment

Considering purchasing a waste food disposal unit?

If you do you will be giving the environment a big helping hand, not to mention the impact it will have on your household hygiene.

Its well worth considering when you discover that around 20-30% of all household refuse is made up of organic food waste i.e. left over scrap food or quite often just out of date food which when disposed of with a waste disposal shreds and pulps allowing the 85% of the bulk water in food waste to be released is much better option than ending up in a landfill site. Pulped water waste can then be used to create bio-gas as part of the waste management process. This material can then go on to be used as a power source or in soil containers as fertiliser.

Less waste collected and put in a landfill site also has the following benefits:

Did you know? In some parts of the UK, local authorities pay residents to install waste disposal units.

A waste disposal system will improve health a sanitary conditions for you and your family – No more smelly bins or rubbish bags ripped open in the street on refuse collection day by birds, foxes, cats looking for food, leaving them open to the elements for bacteria, flies and insects to thrive.

There are also the savings to be considered for you the taxpayer, cutting down on the amount of rubbish collected in curbside collections means less food waste in landfills polluting the ground with harmful organisms that contaminate underground water sources.

Eminent scientific studies have shown that waste disposals are the best ecological alternative.

This all results in a sizeable reduction the UK’s Carbon Footprint.

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