Wastemaid Rubber Splash Guard Genuine Part


Wastemaid Rubber Splash Guard

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Wastemaid Rubber Splash Guard


How to install a rubber splash guard on a Waste Disposal Unit

The rubber splash guard is easy to install, the rubber guard sits in the drain hole of the sink in the mouth of the waste disposal unit where your waste food is put in.

The Splash Guard stops water and waste food from spitting out of the waste disposal unit when it is in operation, Over a long period of time the rubber can degrade so then its time for a new one.

How to remove: All you have to do is turn off the waste disposer unit at the wall, put a few fingers in to the rubber and pull it upwards and it will come out easily.

How to install a new Splash Guard: Top tip, smear some washing up liquid around the rubber splash guard, push it in to the hole of the Waste Disposal Unit and it should clip in as there is a groove around the rubber to hold it in place.

The Wastemaid Rubber Splash Guard Fits The Following Models:

Wastemaid Elite 1580, 1680, 1780, 1880, 1980 & 2080

Wastemaid Classic 058, 158, 258, 358, 458, 658.

RangeMaster WDU500, WDU700, WDU800, WDU750

REGINOX RD50, RD60, RD70, RD100I

Wastemaid 055, 155, 255, 355, 455, 655

COMMANDER 5000, 5500, 7000, 7400, 7500, 8000, 9000, 10000

Waste King 1025 (8810), 1525, 2625 (8820), 3125, 5025 (8830), 8025

TITAN 1060

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