Waste Disposal Unit Accessories

There are a variety of waste disposal unit accessories that can be used with a waste disposal unit to improve its functionality and convenience. Some of the common waste disposal unit accessories include:

  1. Splash guard: A baffle is a plate that is installed in the sink opening above the waste disposal unit. It helps to reduce noise and splash-back when the unit is in use.
  2. Air switch: An air switch is a button that is installed on the countertop and is used to turn the waste disposal unit on and off. This allows you to operate the unit without having to reach down into the sink opening.
  3. Dishwasher connector: All our models have a dishwasher connector that is used to connect the waste disposal unit to a dishwasher. This allows the dishwasher to drain into the disposal unit, rather than a separate drain.
  4. Stopper: A stopper is a plug that is used to seal the sink opening when the waste disposal unit is not in use. It can be used to prevent debris from falling into the unit or to keep the unit from operating when not needed.
  5. Mr Scrappy Waste Tool: This tool is used to push waste food in to the Waste Disposer if you don’t want to use your hands, can also be used as a stopper and is dishwasher safe if you want to clean it.
  6. Disposer Brush: Easy to use cleaning brush for all the Wastemaid Waste Disposal Unit models can also be used for other brads of waste disposers.
  7. Wireless Control Switch: This easy to install device is a small remote control used to turn your Waste Disposal Unit on or off.
  8. Waste Disposal Unit Cleaner: We sell an easy to use specialised cleaner for Waste Disposal Units, all you have to do is put the contents in to the disposer
  9. Disposer Guard: A magnetic device which connects to the coller of the Waste Disposal Unit which will stop all magnetic objects from falling in to the Waste Disposer Unit protecting your machine.

Waste Disposal Unit Accessories

By using these accessories, you can customize your waste disposal unit to meet your specific needs and improve it’s convenience.

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