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### Discover the Superior Performance of the New S-Series Waste Maid Waste Disposal Units!

Introducing the next generation of kitchen efficiency—the New S-Series Waste Maid Waste Disposal Units. These elite disposers are designed to elevate your kitchen experience with unparalleled performance, ease of use, and advanced features. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a reliable disposal unit or a large family in need of a heavy-duty grinder, the S-Series has the perfect model for you.

#### Why Choose the S-Series Waste Maid Disposers?

**1. Advanced Grinding Technology**
The S-Series disposers boast powerful motors and stainless steel grinding components that can effortlessly handle all types of food waste. From fibrous vegetables to tough meat scraps, these units grind it all with ease, ensuring your kitchen remains clean and hygienic.

**2. Continuous and Batch Feed Options**
Choose between the continuous feed models for convenience or the batch feed models for added safety. The continuous feed units allow you to dispose of waste while the disposer is running, making cleanup a breeze. The batch feed models activate only when the sink stopper is in place, providing an extra layer of safety by preventing accidental operation.

**3. Space-Saving and Versatile Designs**
Whether you have a compact kitchen or ample space, there’s an S-Series model that fits perfectly. The S-599 and S-699 models are designed for tight spots, fitting comfortably into 500mm base units. For those needing more capacity, the S-799AS, S-899AS, S-999AS, and the mighty S-1099AS offer larger grind chambers and powerful motors, making them ideal for busy households.

**4. Easy Installation and Operation**
Installing your S-Series disposer is straightforward. Models like the S-799AS, S-899AS, S-999AS, and S-1099AS come with built-in countertop air-switch options, eliminating the need for additional wall switches. For models S-599 and S-699, an optional air switch can be purchased for seamless integration. Operating these units is as simple as following five easy steps, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time.

**5. Robust Construction for Longevity**
Built to last, the S-Series disposers feature cast stainless steel impellers and one-piece grind rings, ensuring durability and reliable performance for years to come. Backed by extensive warranties, these units are a testament to Waste Maid’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

#### The Lineup of Excellence

– **S-599**: An entry-level marvel that combines affordability with stainless steel grinding components, perfect for everyday use.
– **S-699**: A space-saving machine designed to fit into the tightest spots without compromising on power and efficiency.
– **S-799AS**: The ideal choice for average households, offering a spacious grind chamber and user-friendly features.
– **S-899AS**: The heavyweight champion for large families, equipped with an extra-large grind chamber for maximum waste disposal.
– **S-999AS**: With a robust 0.75HP motor, this unit is perfect for those seeking powerful performance in a mid-sized package.
– **S-1099AS**: The juggernaut of the S-Series, featuring a commanding 1.25HP motor and XX-large grind chamber, making it the ultimate solution for high-demand kitchens.

#### Elevate Your Kitchen Experience

Transform your kitchen into a hub of efficiency and cleanliness with the new S-Series Waste Maid Waste Disposal Units. Say goodbye to messy countertops and unpleasant odors—embrace the future of waste management today. Choose Waste Maid and discover why our disposers are the unsung heroes of under-counter efficiency.

For more information and to find the perfect model for your kitchen, visit the store S-Series Waste Maid Waste Disposal Units

Embrace innovation. Choose reliability. Choose the New S-Series Waste Maid Waste Disposal Units.

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